What is 3D Visualization?

3D Visualization is a term that can be used interchangeably with CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery),


3D rendering, 3D graphics, and so on. But they all refer to the same thing – creating graphical

content via computer software. 


With 3D visualization, there are no limits.

It’s possible to create a prototype of a whole building or a smaller product.

This means that 3D visualization has a wide range of applications in various industries.

Why do you need 3D Visualization?


Your client needs to communicate exactly what they want, down to the last detail, you need to be able to interpret it and understand it to the fullest, and you need to ensure that the builders, engineers, and the whole construction team know what they need to do to make your structure a reality. And this is where architectural visualization comes in. With the help of a true-to-life 3D rendering, there’ll be no room for misinterpretation of anything.


One of the main reasons many projects end up on a never-ending “waiting list” is the uncertainty that comes with them.

The 3D render will leave no room for doubt, questions, and uncertainty. It will showcase exactly what the project is about, how it will look, and how it will impact the surroundings, and this can serve to speed up the approval process exponentially.

Design Accuracy

Architectural visualization lets you see your project in three dimensions, inside and out, and examine exactly how it impacts the surroundings. You can take into account the nearby objects, the streets, even the terrain and climate.

A single change in the design will have a domino effect and impact the entirety of the design, showing how every part of your project interacts and affects everything else.

All this serves to ensure that your projects are as accurate as possible.

Avoid Problems

Regardless of the talent, experience, and knowledge of designer, design mistakes happen. These mistakes and problems can easily be avoided with simple architectural visualization and Easy Render’s experienced 3D artists. Since the entire construction will be presented in 3D, you’ll be able to examine every nook and cranny and clearly see any mistakes or issues. Especially useful if you have a client renowned for changing their mind every two seconds.

Reduce Cost

Of course, solving construction problems before they arise will save you thousands of rupees. But 3D artists can do more than this with architectural visualization.

Everyone will essentially receive step-by-step instructions, and everyone will be on the same page about how your project will progress. This can help you and your client save thousands upon thousands of rupees.

Boost Marketing

Architectural visualization created by 3D artists will help you improve your marketing efforts and drive interest in your project. That is achieved fairly simply. The 3D rendering itself can be used in your marketing campaign as an advertisement. So, use your 3D rendering to draw in audiences and let your project speak for itself with the help of 3D artists.